Resistance Training vs. Cardio

Fitness trends seem to come and go with the wind. One day the “experts” are saying cardio or aerobic training is the singular path to fitness, next it is high intensity interval training. The water...

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Immune Boosting Services

Ikon Health offers a variety of Immune Boosting Services While we at Ikon Health recommend that clients adopt healthy habits to help bolster their immune system, we do offer a variety of immune...

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Exercise After the Age of 50

After the age of 50, we reach one of the many crossroads we must face in life. Do you stay active, strong, vital, and healthy? Or do you go the other direction and fall into ill-health and disrepair?...

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What is Sermorelin?

Peptide research and utilization has become one of the most promising fields for advancements in anti-aging and individualized medicine. One of the most commonly applied peptides (signalling molecule)...

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The Truth About CBD Oil

Beneath all the mainstream media buzz and marketing gimmicks, lies a truth about the fascinating compound known as cannabidiol (CBD). You may know it as the miracle that is reported to relieve chronic...

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