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Thymosin Alpha is a peptide that is naturally produced by the thymus gland that plays an important role in immune health. Thymosin Alpha can be prescribed to help strengthen the immune system, fight off viruses, support the body against autoimmune processes, defend against infection and tumor growth, and reduce inflammation. After consulting with the physician, patients can buy Thymosin Alpha from Ikon Health if approved.
*This item is only available with a telewellness medical consultation. During your consultation with the medical provider, you will discuss a plan that best suits your goals. After being approved, clients can purchase Thymosin Alpha injections from our telemedicine portal.

Benefits of Thymosin Alpha

Thymosin alpha 1 is a peptide produced naturally by the thymus gland, and is a powerful modulator of immunity and inflamation. Thymosin Alpha controls the maturation of T-Cells, which are a type of white blood cell that protect the body from bacteria, viruses, cancer.
There are two types of T-cells in the body; killer cells and helper cells. The Killer Cells hunt down and destroy cells that are infected with bacteria, viruses, or cancer. Helper T-cells help other cells by identifying foreign antigens (foreign substance) and secreting cytokines, which activate other T Cells into action.
Thymosin Alpha may be one of the most effective treatments for improving immune system response to foreign invaders and bolstering overall immune function. Due to the effectiveness, an increased number of pharmacies are now compounding Thymosin Alpha. With a prescription from a physician, patients can purchase thymosin alpha injections or troches at an affordable price.
Benefits of Thymosin Alpha 1 Injections:
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal properties
  • Immune System Support
  • Fights Autoimmune and Viral Diseases
  • Suppresses Infections and Tumor Growth
  • Control Inflamation from Chronic Disease

Thymosin Alpha Dosage and Schedule

Dosage (combined in one shot)

  • Thymosin Alpha 0.15 mL SubQ


  • 30 Days on

Precautions & Side Effects of Thymosin Alpha

Thymosin Alpha 1 has no known Side-Effects. During clinical testing on over 2000 individuals with various diseases with individuals of all age groups, no clinically significant adverse reactions attributable to thymosin alpha 1 reported.

Thymosin Alpha Injections Price

  • Thymosin Alpha (5mg) - 30 Days
  • Thymosin Alpha (5mg) - 30 Days - Subscription
    $325 / 4 Weeks

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