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Sermorelin 3mg Vial – 28 Day Round
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The HCG Replacement diet is a doctor supervised rapid weight loss plan for individuals who have a significant amount of weight to lose. This plan utilizes powerful peptide injections to improve all aspects of health related to weight loss, and improve the overall health of the patient. Peptides help to improve overall weight loss, guard against muscle wasting, improve sleep and energy, and provide an increased sense of determination.
*This item is only available with a telewellness medical consultation. During your consultation with the medical provider, you will discuss a plan that best suits your goals. This product is FDA approved, and is being used off-label for the support of lean body mass in conjunction with a very low calorie diet (VLCD).

HCG Replacement

(Sermorelin 3mg)
Daily SubQ
Sermorlin is administered via tiny SubQ injections, at home.
28 Day Rounds
The HCG Replacement Protocolis offered in 28 day (4 week) rounds.
1 Round


1 Sermorelin Vial
2 Rounds


2 Sermorelin Vials

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Get Started on the HCG Replacement Protocol Online

What’s Included?

  • Medical Weight Loss Workbook
  • Sermorelin 3mg Vial
  • Needles, Swabs, and Mixing Supplies
  • Telewellness Consult for Prescription
  • Support from our Medical Staff

Benefits of the HCG Replacement Diet

How it Works

Our medically supervised Peptide Protocol is designed specifically to induce rapid fat loss. Peptides are safe prescription medications that promote the natural production of Growth Hormone. When growth hormone was discovered, doctors realized it the most powerful anti-aging hormone that affects almost every aspect of health. The benefits for Weight loss are first and foremost.

Benefits of Sermorelin vs HCG

At the core, Sermorelin is a much more effective weight loss and overall health tool than HCG. The reason is because Sermorelin helps to improve some of the most basic functions of health which are essential before a person can effectively lose weight and keep it off. Some of these benefits include better sleep, improved energy, improved cellular function overall, and an improved metabolic rate.
  • Strong Metabolic (fat burning) Effect
  • Guards Against Muscle Loss in the Presence of Low Calorie Diet
  • Improvement of Energy Balance
  • Remarkable Anti-Aging Benefits
  • Improves Sleep and Energy
  • Improves Skin Health and Elasticity
  • Additionally Improves Sex Drive


Individuals all over the world schedule appointments with doctors to buy hcg, or find some of the more recently available Telemedicine clinics to purchase HCG Shots online. It’s no mystery why the HCG Diet became such a popular diet for individuals who need to lose a significant amount of weight quickly. The mere idea of being able to lose weight with the help of a prescription medication sounds great to many who have tried all kinds of diets, only to fail in their efforts.
While the HCG Diet worked great for many individuals over the years, the diet has it’s problems. Many clients that buy hcg shots find they can lose weight quickly, but regain the weight almost as fast after they get back to regular life. Not only is the hcg diet not sustainable, but the once successful weight loss patient no longer has the aid of a prescription medication. Also, hCG injections provide no long term benefits for weight loss after a person discontinues use.
The importance of thinking two or three steps ahead in your weight loss journey cannot be overemphasized, because there is a secret that most people embarking upon this transformation don’t know: In America, we don’t have a weight loss problem, we have a weight management problem. Most people who seek to lose weight are able to do so, to some extent. It is the keeping the weight off that presents them with difficulty. Our weight loss protocol is designed with exactly that issue in mind. It has been developed to create rapid weight loss while sparing lean body mass and minimizing any negative adaptations (like a reduced resting metabolic rate) that may often occur as a result of relatively aggressive calorie restriction. One of the main differences between the HCG Diet and our improved rapid fat los protocol, is that you won’t purchase hcg injections. Instead, we will be using a prescription medication that is more beneficial in a number of ways.
Before we start, it is absolutely vital that you understand the importance of taking care of the major factors that will influence your ability to lose weight. Without making sure you are getting enough quality sleep, managing stress, and staying active, your capacity for healthy and sustainable weight loss will be greatly diminished. There are so many factors that can influence weight loss which we have no control over, it is imperative we manage and take control of what we can.
QualitiesPeptidesHCG Injections
Fat LossMore PowerfulMinimal Effects
Lean Body MassMore PowerfulSignificant Benefits
HungerSome Reported BenefitsSome Reported Benefits
Add’l BenefitsSleep, Energy, Skin/Hair/NailsSome Energy
Long-Term EffectLasting EffectsMinimal Lasting Effects
Anti-AgingVery PowerfulMost Likely None


Before we start, it is absolutely vital that you understand the importance of taking care of the major factors that will influence your ability to lose weight. Without making sure you are getting enough quality sleep, managing stress, and staying active, your capacity for healthy and sustainable weight loss will be greatly diminished. There are so many factors that can influence weight loss which we have no control over, it is imperative we manage and take control of what we can.
In addition to strategic dietary restriction, we will utilize Sermorelin, a potent and natural stimulator of growth hormone release. Sermorelin has been consistently proven to safely increase growth hormone levels in the body naturally, while having little or no side effects. To further enhance the weight loss process, we offer support items such as B12 injections and Lipotropic injections to support the client in their weight loss goals.

Sermorelin Dosage and Schedule for Weight Loss


  • Sermorelin: 100mcg/day
  • 0.20mL injections (20 mark on syringe)


  • 7 Days A Week

Precautions & Side Effects

People may experience a feeling of warmth or mild discomfort when receiving an injection. Rare complications that can occur during injections include bruising, soreness, and mild pain in the injection site. If pain, swelling, or inflamation persists, contact Ikon Health and your primary care physician.


  • Pain, redness, swelling (injection site)
  • Flushing of the face
  • Feeling of warmth

Very Rare

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

Frequently Asked Questions

Sermorelin Peptide therapy is the most effective way to increase natural production of HGH, and the anti-aging benefits of growth hormone, with virtually no side effects.
Do the Injections Hurt?
Subcutaneous injections of Sermorelin are the standard method used for administering peptides. These tiny shots are usually completely painless, quick, and easy to perform.
How Long Before I Notice Results?
Generally the first results clients notice has to do with overall energy production, improved sleep, mental and physical performance, and an improvement in the appearance of Hair, Skin, and Nails. Weight loss benefits should start within the first week, although water weight fluctuations can confuse the actual rate of fat loss. Clients can rest assured that Ikon Health and the weight loss coaches can absolutely help clients achieve their weight loss goals. Time is a key factor in weight loss. Results are often fast in the beginning, and slow as the client gets closer to their goal weight.
How long should I take Sermorelin for?
Sermorelin and other peptides are okay to take continuously for compounding results.
What Happens if I stop taking Sermorelin?
A lot of clients worry that if they stop taking peptides, that they will be worse off than before they started. This is not so. Peptides stimulate the secretion of HGH, and the increased secretion of HGH stays elevated after discontinued use for some time, before it eventually returns to pre-peptide levels.
What is the minimum amount of time I should use Sermorelin?
We recommend clients stay on Sermorelin for AT LEAST 3 months. This will allow clients to experience some of the full benefits of peptide therapy. Clients are encouraged to keep using peptides after they lose their weight, as it will help to maintain the weight loss, and makes it easier for the client. Also, the benefits of Peptides far exceed just weight loss benefits. Peptides are essentually the most powerful anti-aging medications available today. No other product will help you to fight off the negative results of aging better than peptides.

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