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At Ikon Health, we specialize in helping clients manage their weight with our simple and affordable coaching, utilizing some of the most powerful weight loss tools such as hormone therapy, peptide assisted weight management, and nutrient therapy. Clients who need to lose a significant amount of weight can follow our medically supervised rapid fat loss program, similar to the HCG Diet plan, but with better, more sustainable results.
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Peptide therapy is a relatively new anti-aging service, but they are remarkably effective at delivering noticeable results. Additionally, peptides have virtually no side effects, and very few contraindications for use. If you want to buy peptides to assist you in your health and wellness goals, schedule a consultation to see if peptides are a good fit for you.
Are Peptides Legal?
Of course. Peptides are prescribed off-label, like many medications, but there are virtually no side effects and very few contraindications. Before you get started with peptides, you will fill out medical forms, consult with a medical practitioner, and we will help determine if peptides are a viable option for you.
How do I take peptides?
Peptides are administred with a tiny insulin needle, into the abdomen area each day. The shots are painless and easy.
Do I need a prescription for peptides?
Yes. Peptides are only available with a prescription. Before clients can buy peptides they will need to complete medical forms and consult with our medical practitioner.

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