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Thymosin Alpha 1 is a peptide that is naturally produced by the thymus gland that plays an important role in immune modulation and response. Clients can buy Thymosin Alpha with a free prescription consultation to help strengthen the immune system; fight chronic viral diseases and autoimmune processes; suppress infection and tumor growth; and help control inflammation associated with chronic diseases.
*This item is only available with a telewellness medical consultation. During your consultation with the medical provider, you will discuss a plan that best suits your goals. This product is FDA approved, and substantial information is available on its role in clinical observational trials.

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Thymosin Alpha is administered via SubQ injection. These tiny injections are done each day at home.
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Benefits of Thymosin Alpha Injections

To understand how TA1 can influence the immune system, it is important to understand some of the key players that regulate immunity. These include cytokines, chemokines, thymosins, growth factors, and various endogenous antioxidants and other compounds. Each of these unique compounds are dubbed “biological response modifiers” (BRMs) due to their ability to either enhance or inhibit immune system function – depending upon what is required at any given time. In many cases, the use of TA1 or another BRM has been proven extremely effective in combination with conventional therapies and may increase the efficacy of treatment, decrease mortality, and lower morbidity when compared to any single treatment alone. In addition to modulating the immune system, TA1 can influence both the central nervous system and endocrine system, a rather unique ability even in the fascinating realm of peptides. TA1 may also be able to enhance immune system function by:
  • Increasing the maturation of T cells.
  • Boosting the overall efficiency of immune cells.
  • Stimulating NK (natural killer) cells – crucial for the elimination of viruses and viral-infected cells.
  • Managing cytokine/chemokine levels to ensure an appropriate immune response.
  • Directly depressing viral replication.
  • Modulating genes involved with immune function.
  • Facilitating differentiation of toll-like receptors (these guys sense pathogens and initiate an immune response).
  • Increasing the expression of class I MHC (this major histocompatibility complex is on the surface of cells to signal to the immune system they have been invaded by a virus).
  • Amplifying cytokine receptors.
  • Enhancing the activation of dendritic immune cells.

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Thymosin Alpha Dosage and Schedule


  • Thymosin Alpha 1 (2.5mg/ml)
  • Produt Delivered in 5ml Vial (12.5mg Total)


  • 7 Days / Week
  • 30 Days

Precautions & Side Effects

There are no known side effects of Thymosin Alpha.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Thymosin Alpha 1 (12.5mg) Peptide therapy one of the most effective ways to rapidly improve overall immune function and fight illness. Below is a list of some common questions regarding Thymosin Alpha, the protocol, and injections.
Do the Injections Hurt?
Subcutaneous injections are the standard method used for administering peptides. These tiny shots are usually completely painless, quick, and easy to perform.
How Long Before I Notice Results?
Thymosin Alpha will begin acting immediately in the body to help bolster immune function.
How long should I take Thymosin Alpha for?
Initial tests with Thymosin Alpha included protocols that lasted 6 to 12 months. This peptide can safely be used continuously, but we recommend clients use Thymosin Alpha for at least a single 30 day protocol to start.
We recommend clients stay on Thymosin Alpha for AT LEAST a single 30 day protocol.

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