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Ikon Health offers a full line of services to help you look, feel, and perform your best in life. We have the experienced and tools to assess your hormone health, nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, and a number of other factors that are vital for overall health and wellness. Some of our well known therapies are Hormone Therapy, Nutrient IV Drips, Wellness Coaching, Vitamin Injections, Anti-Aging Peptides, Red Light Therapy, and Infrared Sauna.
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  • Karlie Pixton

    Karlie Pixton

    In 2007 I was told I had Optical Neuritis when I lost my vision completely in my left eye. I started IV Vitamin Infusions and they helped me regain my perfect vision once more. Four years later, my leg started dragging when I walked. Once again I was able to become fully functional because of the vitamin treatments I was receiving. I love the energy I feel after my treatments. There is nothing better than waking up and feeling like I received a full nights rest. I am so excited to have a facility so close that I can go to and keep my energy levels up.

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